Shipping Costs

Shipping Costs

1. Shipping

1.1. Whether you buy a Custom Guitar or a Master Build we will ship it when the instrument is finished or ready to be sent.

1.2. Whether you buy an instrument or any king of accessories you will pay for the transportation and all legal taxes in your countries if necessary (duty and / or VAT).

1.3. In some cases VAT and/or other taxes will have to be added depending of your country of residence. We will not be held responsible for any amount of money your government want to charge you.

1.4. We will ship your instrument(s) anywhere you specify. Make sure you give us the correct coordinates as we will not be held responsible for any mistakes of this kind. Orders are subject to product availability and will be shipped as soon as possible after we contact you to let you know the approximate time frame of any Custom work or modification if not in stock and/or completion of work.

1.5. The risk of loss and title for ordered merchandise pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. This means that product damaged in transit is the carrier’s responsibility and is an issue to be resolved between you and the carrier if it happens. We are also encouraging you have the parcel 100% insured.    

2. Costs
2.1. Shipping costs per order will vary depending on the products and shipping methods chosen as well as distance to your location.

2.2. Please note that usually shipping costs are weight and/or size-based. We try our best to use the most economical method for you or we can use any company of your preference.

2.3. Should a return be necessary and a refund granted, shipping costs as with any purchase from anywhere requiring shipping (Shipping Options & Costs) cannot be refunded, please make a note of this and do not ask us to make an exception.

Delivery Schedules are ESTIMATES based upon carrier’s guidelines. 
2.4. We cannot influence or control any shipping schedules once your order leaves our facility. We cannot offer any refunds for shipments which arrive late due to weather or other events deemed beyond the control of the carrier. Please plan your Order Date and Shipping Method accordingly.

2.5. We currently use two Carrier companies however we do not have a preferred way of shipping things.

2.6. We can use whatever you suggest to us IF you don’t like what we are offering you in terms of shipping. 

2.7. If you want we can tell you the cost of your shipment to your location before the package will leave our facility.      



Some shipment companies can offer you COLLECT service and receive an order from you / from your country and they will send it’s employees to our facility, pick up the package, deliver to your door and you will pay the shipment fees upon arrival of the package and not before – This service is not valid in all countries.

In your country some import taxes may imply this will be your obligation in such cases.

Questions about Shipping 
The time it takes to receive your order at your door is a combination of two elements:

a. Processing Time

b. Shipping Time.

Processing Time is the time it takes us to select and pack your order for shipment — generally 1 to 2 working days.

Shipping Time is the time it takes the shipping company to take your order from our warehouse to your door. This time depends on where you live and which shipping method you choose.

For guidance please get in touch with us IF you have any questions.