How To Pay

How To Pay


Once you are satisfied with your chosen instrument, wood accessories and all other parts that will make your future instrument (or your ready instrument if the case), YOU will be given 3-4 days IF you wish so in case you want to change anything from parts, finish, color, accessory’s model or color.

50% in advance – After that period You will get a final invoice stating the amount of money prior negotiated with the specification that you will pay 50% in advance from the total amount of money stated on the invoice in case of a CUSTOM BUILT instrument.

We will state a completion term prior any payment.

– 50% upon the completion of your instrument and prior to shiping to your desired address


The only case YOU will pay the 100% full amount in advance is IF your chosen instrument is already made and everything is ready to go.

In any case everything will be specified on the invoice.

Te invoice has the value of a contract.

In order to avoid any misunderstanding money can be sent only by:

  1. Bank Transfer from YOUR bank account to OUR bank account
  2. Pay Pal – We only accept paypal for all guitar accesories

In order to facilitate payment transactions, we would ask you to instruct your bank to effect ALL Payments in OUR favor as follows:

  Please be aware that the sender has to take the bank-charges – Your bank account administrator will explain what OUR means.


This all will help us to make payment transactions more efficiently and to intensify our common business relations as ALL our partner companies use the same transfer system (OUR).

  Depending where you live you can choose to pay in $USD or in € Euro – the choice is yours. We will make a conversion of the amount in one of the two currencies.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Yours sincerely,         

Mike Vlahopol