How To Order

How To Order

Order Acceptance/Confirmation

1. Look on our website

2. See if you like something we already have on stock

3. Make a request for a Custom Guitar or already a built one.

In either way send us an email to guitars [at] vlahopol [dot] com and if you offer us a faster way to contact you we will call to establish a first decent and faster contact.

After we have the first contact and decide that we can help you everything will go back to email so we can track all correspondence for further business.

Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. We reserve the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason. You will normally not be charged if we reject an order, but we will process a refund if the charge has been made against you in error. Any large orders will be subject to a down payment commensurate with the amount.

After you choose your wood, accessories, model, color, finish etc… you will have a window of 2-3 days to “maybe” change your mind. After that you will get an email with a confirmation from us stating that we are good to go with your request. During this window you will be able to change things on your future instrument. Why? Because we care or you!

Your order is accepted IF you receive an invoice with details of payment and other details regarding delivery of your instrument. The mode details you will offer us when you make the order the more easier it is for us to understand what your needs are.

Once we are all ok (you and us) you will get the invoice with all details negotiated in the previous emails and a down payment of 50% is due.

We will not start to work on any projects if we don’t have a 50% deposit if it is a guitar that has to be built.

The rest of 50% is due at the end of manufacturing your guitar but before shipment. We will not sent the guitar anywhere if we don’t receive the rest of the 50%.

If you choose to buy a guitar that we already has been built we expect you to pay 100% in advance.


Order Cancellation
Orders for custom products may not be canceled or returned. We are using only accessories from USA, Germany & Korea. We use Schaller tremolo units in 90% of the cases. Since we are importing most of the accessories specially for you we cannot accept a return or a cancellation after you have made the payment.

Return Policy
In order to keep prices low, all sales are final. However, in the event that we ship you the wrong product(s) compared to the receipt of your original order, you may return the product(s). Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization and acceptance confirmation and issuance of a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. All unauthorized returns of merchandise will be returned to sender and a credit will not be issued, unless otherwise specified in advance.


Sales Tax Policy
Sales tax may or may not be added to all orders, subject to different countries, states, and local tax laws. We will do our best to accurately calculate sales tax for each particular order, but errors may occur due to the large number of tax districts or other reasons. If you think something has been miscalculated please let us know and we will rectify any miss calculation IF there is a case.



For shipment we also need your full:

Name, address, state/county/sector, ZIP code, Town and Country so we can offer you the best way of shipment.


We will never give away or misuse your personal data.

For more details on shiping and shipments please see the shipment article.