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Vlahopol Guitar: #007



Vlahopol low-profile 07



 Body: Mahogany - 1 piece w/ Shark Bite Grip

 Routing: Back Routing

 Bridge: Schaller: - Low Profile - Black

Logo Schaller

 Neck: 1 piece neck - 45mm wide @ 1st fret

 Scale: 648 mm/ 25.5”

 Frets: 24 Jumbo Stainless Steel Ni-Silver frets

 Inlay: ABS - Little Sharks

 Macine heads: Black



 Bridge: Shark Attack - black

 Middle: Great White Shark II -black

 Neck: Zebra Shark - black

 Pickguard: Black Pickup Rings

 Knobks & Pots: 1 pot volume + 1 tone

 Switch: Mega switch 5 positions with 24 pins with silver contacts

 Gifts from Vlahopol Guitars:  
 - D'Addario strings - 0.09-0.42  logo DAddario
 - Guitar Strap: Planet Waves - black  logo Planet Waves
 - Strap Lock  
 - Strong Gig Bag or Hard Case*  

 - Plug'n Play - your guitar will have all its angles, tensions and settings done by us so your guitar is ready to rock - However shipment is not something we can control - in some cases you need to check your instrument again before playing, sometimes during transportation some differences may have occurred.


*We are offering you a Hard Case only if the guitar has to be shipped by airplane / trucks, etc. because we want to make sure you get the guitar in ONE piece. For guitars under 1,000.00 euros we will offer a strong GIG Bag IF we make a personal  / local delivery. 




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