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Schaller Low Profile Tremolo



The LOW PROFILE Tremolo system IS the best there is! Perfect balance, keeps in tune forever!


As the sole manufacturer of the world‘s most renowned double locking tremolo we felt it was time to push the envelope.


Proudly introducing the new Schaller LockMeister® Tremolo!


Along with Schaller‘s famed precision the new LockMeister® Tremolo offers a second to none C45-steel ground plate, forged and hardened in Germany, resulting in improved sound and sustain as well as superior tremolo performance and intonation.


New technologies enabled us to craft all components in unprecedented tolerances giving the Schaller LockMeister® Tremolo a sublime level of workmanship and long term quality.


Through more rigorous testing we learned how all burnished surfaces were prone to corrosion. That‘s why all studs, inserts and screws of our new Schaller LockMeister® Tremolo now feature black-zinc and black-chrome finishes for improved look, touch and durability.


All this resulting in our world famous Schaller longevity and backed by our Schaller lifetime warranty.



Please consider when ordering

- All tremolo systems are supplied complete with nut (please choose R1-R10, see under guidelines) (standard: R2), string retainers, springs, height adjustment screws, Allen wrench and mounting accessories.

- We supply tremolo blocks in heights of 32, 37 and 42mm. (standard: 42mm)

- When ordering, please specify the required block length and nut.

- Shorter string locking screws are also available on request.

- With reinforced inlays

The dimensions of our Tremolo LockMeister are exactly the same as the dimensions of both the standard Double locking Tremolos and our Schaller Tremolo. 
You can easily replace your Double Locking Tremolo or your Schaller Tremolo with our new LockMeister Tremolo. 
This also applies to all replacement parts!


String lock inserts

The back of the string lock inserts is numbered with 0,1 and 2.

0 is for the D and G strings,

1 is for the A and B strings and the number

2 is for both E strings.





Schaller Low Profile Tremolo unit comes in  quite few inovative finishes:

                      Price Recomended by Schaller    - OUR PRICE!

- Nickel                - (Recomended by Schaller - € 182.79     - € 178.16

- Chrome             - (Recomended by Schaller - € 182.79     - 178.16

- Satin Chrome     - (Recomended by Schaller - € 182.79     - 178.16

- Black Chrome     - (Recomended by Schaller - € 190.68     - € 184.49

- Gold                   - (Recomended by Schaller - € 220.92     - € 208.77

- Ruthenium          - (Recomended by Schaller - € 220.92     - € 208.77

- Satin Pearl          - (Recomended by Schaller - € 182.79     - € 178.16

- Vintage Cooper   - (Recomended by Schaller - € 220.92     - € 208.77


 Along with the tremolos and nuts, we supply:

- wood screws and steel screws / Allen screws, so you can choose how to attach the nuts yourself i.e. either from the top or from underneath. The nuts are also specially designed so that you can use wood or steel screws without carrying out any modifications whatsoever.


! Very important !

All tremolo systems are supplied complete with:

- Locking nut,

- String retainers,

- Springs,

- Height adjustment screws,

- Allen wrench and mounting accessories.


(please choose size of Locking nut when youorder  R1-R10, see under guidelines)

We supply tremolo blocks in heights of 32, 37 and 42mm. (standard: 42mm)

(IF you do NOT mention this when you order, your TREMOLO will come with the standard R2 Locking Nut + a 42mm block)

When ordering, please specify the required block length and nut.

We can and we will change your parts at your request for extra charge! 




Support for the Vlahopol Guitars can be offered to all all those that actual own one of our guitars or are purchasing any of the Schaller accesories.

The best place to start would be by writing to us at guitars (@) vlahopol (.) com.

As people will ask things we will gradually build a FAQ database so we can make it easier on everybody.


Vlahopol Guitars Team

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